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Title: Plentiful Bounty

Rating: NC-17 one scene, rest MA15+ for themes
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Warnings: Mpreg, mention of death of child pre-fic, rimming, graphic births, schmoop!
Word Count: 29,400
Artist: a_dreamwithin. Art master post.
Beta: munibunny who is made of all kinds of awesome and somehow weaves her magic to make my musing readable to others! Thanks hon! :D
Disclaimer: No offense or harm intended to the recognizable persons in this fic. It's just all a bit of fun. Think of it as if J2 were in a movie with characters with the same names!

Summary: It had been a tough year for Jared and Jensen. After years of trying they had finally realised their dream of having a family, only to have it shattered 5 months into Jensen’s pregnancy through the careless actions of another. Desperate to have their dream of a family of their own come true they both give IVF treatments one last try. One month later they are given the delightful news that they will be given a second chance at their dream; Jared is pregnant and as an added surprise, with twins.

It’s an emotional time for them both and even though they both still mourn the loss of their child and she will never be replaced, they are excited at the prospect of bringing their babies home from the hospital this time. Even though Jensen would have loved the opportunity to carry another child himself, all he can focus on is his delight that his wonderful husband will be giving him the gift of a family in 9 short months. There is nothing he can think of that can make that better. Jensen does his best to look after Jared who is suffering terribly from morning sickness. The job is made difficult when it seems that Jensen is going out in sympathy with Jared’s sickness. Soon the signs and symptoms are too much to ignore and Jensen gets the shock of his life when their long time friend and Doctor happily informs him that he’s pregnant too and with multiples as well. Triplets to be exact.

How on earth is Jensen supposed to tell Jared that after all this time of IVF treatments, he has finally managed to conceive naturally and right after Jared has. How do you tell your pregnant and suffering husband that instead of 2 babies in 9 months, there will be 5? Jensen’s has no idea but it’s going to be one hell of a conversation. That is if he can manage a conversation without getting nauseous first!

Author Note: This was written in response to the mpregbb challenge. Go look at the beautiful art work a_dreamwithin did for my humble fic. Just gorgeous. :) This fic was also originally written as a response to a prompt from deanlives at mpregwinchester many moons ago. At least I finally got this monster done!

“Well hello again, gentlemen, how are you both this fine Tuesday afternoon?” Dr. Collin’s usual chipper welcome was met with subdued nods and faint smiles from both Jared and Jensen as they sat across from him with their hands nervously clasp in silent support.

“Now now, no need to be so nervous. I have some good news for you today.” The doctor smiled at them.

Jensen squeezed Jared’s suddenly sweaty palm with his own and swallowed down the rush of excitement that the doctor’s words evoked.

Jared’s nervousness was abundantly clear in his tightly strained voice as he prompted for the good news, “So it worked?”

Jensen squeezed Jared’s fingers again, eager to reassure his husband that no matter what, it would be okay.

“Yes, actually. You, my loyal patient, are officially pregnant.Congratulations!” Dr. Collins grinned at Jared.

“Me! Oh my god, did you hear that, Jen? I’m pregnant. I can’t believe it’s finally happened after all these years. I’m gonna be a Daddy,” Jared cried as he lunged over from his seat to wrap himself around Jensen.

Jensen couldn’t contain his smile and happy shout of joy as he returned Jared’s embrace.

“I knew you could do it babe. I love you so much,” Jensen encouraged as he kissed his tearful lover on the lips.

“What about Jensen, did his implantation take too?” Jared asked the doctor as he wiped away the stray tears still wetting his flushed cheeks.

“No, I’m afraid it was as I feared.It was a little too soon after his miscarriage and his body just wasn’t ready for pregnancy yet.”

Jensen couldn’t help the pang of sadness that pulled at him at the mention of their lost child. He’d made it all the way to 19 weeks before a drunk driver had taken their joy of finally being parents away from them in the blink of an eye. They both had been devastated when Jensen had woken up in the hospital with contractions and had to go through the pain of labor only to have to say goodbye to their beautiful, tiny little girl as she was placed in his arms. Jensen smiled his assurance that he was okay to Jared when he felt his lovers sorrow filled eyes on him.

“But that’s probably a good thing as, from the level of hormones in your blood sample, it’s likely you are carrying multiples Jared,” the doctor added after giving them a moment for their grief.

Jensen blinked in shock at the doctor’s words. He knew that the chances of having multiples when using IVF was higher than with naturally conceived pregnancies, but it was still a shock to hear that they would have more than one baby in 8 months time.

“Really! Holy shit. Oh sorry doc, umm, it’s just a bit of a shock is all. I mean Jensen’s pregnancy was only a single, why multiples for me, and how many do you think?” Jared quizzed as he pulled Jensen’s suddenly slack hand into his lap.

“Whoa, slow down there. One question at a time, hey?” Dr. Collin urged.

“Now, Jensen had just as much chance of having a multiple pregnancy as you did Jared, it’s just that in Jensen’s case even though three embryos were implanted, only one of those took and developed. In your case, obviously more than one of the four embryos we implanted has taken and is developing. As for how many of those have taken, well I want to take a look with an ultrasound and see what’s going on in there,” the doctor smiled as he rose and gestured for both men to follow him from the room.

Jensen gave Jared a quick kiss and took his hand before leading his slightly shell shocked husband from the room, following Dr. Collins down the corridor and into a small room with a large ultrasound machine and an adjustable bed.

“Now Jared, I’m going to need you to get into that robe over there as I’m going to have to use the internal probe today. It’s so early in the pregnancy that an abdominal probe is not likely to see very much. Is that okay?” the kind doctor asked as he started to set up his equipment.

Jensen squeezed Jared’s hand in support. “It doesn’t hurt babe, I promise.”

Jared smiled at him and kissed him lightly on the lips. “If you can get through what you’ve been through over the last few months, then I can definitely handle this.”

Jensen smiled through the sudden grief that thickened his throat and rubbed distractedly at his eyebrow to try and fend off the tears that pricked at his eyes as Jared turned and started to change into the nondescript hospital gown.

Jensen moved around to the head of the bed so he could see the view screen with Jared as well as lend him his support through the uncomfortable procedure by gently squeezing his shoulder and murmuring sweet endearments of his love in Jared’s ear.

“Okay, you ready Jared?” Dr. Collins questioned as he readied the sonar probe between Jared’s splayed thighs.

Jensen gave Jared’s shoulder an extra squeeze as Jared’s gaze flickered nervously up to his.

“It’s okay hon, I promise it doesn’t hurt. It’s just a bit uncomfortable. Just relax and think about holding our babies in your arms in 8 months time, okay?” Jensen coached as he leaned down and kissed Jared softly on the lips.

Jared’s beaming grin and eager nod towards the doctor was assurance enough that Jared was more than ready to begin.

Jensen crouched down beside Jared’s bed and kissed his temple as Jared winced with a sharp gasp as the doctor bent to his task. Jensen did his best to distract his pained lover as Dr. Collins continued to maneuver the probe to get a clear picture of Jared’s precious cargo.

“That’s it Jared, just relax, I nearly have it now...just need to...there, see those blinking spots, that’s your babies hearts beating....and this, is what they sound like, impressive aren’t they?” the doctor smiled up at them as he adjusted the sound so that the rapid beats echoed through the small room.

“Jen, oh my god, it’s real isn’t it? I’m really pregnant,” Jared gushed as he looked back and forth between Jensen and the grainy image in front of them.

Jensen pressed his lips to Jared’s again and whispered his appreciation. “Yes you are love. This is really happening. I love you so much Jare. Thank you for...” Jensen had to swallow as his emotions started to get the best of him and he finished off by kissing his lover deeply to ensure his happiness was not mistaken for sorrow.

“Okay you two, enough of that, you can save that for when you get home for the celebration,” Dr. Collins smirked at them as they separated for much needed air.

Jared grinned over at the doctor who had become a friend over the many years they had known him and turned slightly to waggle his eyebrows suggestively at Jensen. “I’m up for that, what about you Jen? Want to ‘celebrate’ when we get home?”

Jensen blushed to his roots and ducked his gaze from the smirking doctor and his bemused lover.

“Who am I to deny the father of my future children.” Jensen mock bowed to Jared, distracting him as the doctor removed the probe and cleaned him up a little.

“Okay, Jared, all done. Now, go get yourself dressed and tidied up in the bathroom and when you’ve finished you can go on down to see Samantha at reception and book in for another appointment in a month, okay? I just want to have a chat with Jensen. I won’t hold him up too long,” Dr. Collin assured as he finished putting away the equipment and held the ensuite bathroom door open for a slightly startled Jared.

“Oh, okay, is everything alright?” Jared questioned as he slipped off the table and squeezed Jensen’s hand nervously.

Dr. Collins smiled, “everything’s fine, Jared. I just have a few things I want to discuss with Jensen and I think I’ll get the most truthful answers from him if you aren’t in the room.”

Jared’s gaze flickered over to Jensen, silently seeking his reassurance that he was okay.

Jensen smiled as confidently as he could at Jared, squeezing his hand and silently urging Jared over the bathroom with a nod.

“Don’t worry, Jared, I promise I’ll return him to you in one piece? I wouldn’t want to spoil the celebrations now would I?” the doctor assured with a raised brow.

Jared laughed as he shook his head at their friend and made his way through to the bathroom. “Okay, okay, I know when I’m not wanted. I’ll meet you out front Jen.”

Jensen chuckled softly and turned to follow Dr. Collins back to his office. He was more than a little nervous when they both took their seats and his doctor and friend looked at him with a seriously solemn expression.

“Now, Jensen. I wanted to check in with you. It’s been a lot for you to cope with over the last few months and I wanted to be sure that you are doing alright, especially with today’s news, not only Jared’s, but your own,” the doctor questioned as he leaned over his desk to rest on his elbow, his brows furrowed with concern.

Jensen looked down at his hands clasped in his lap, thinking about how to organize his thoughts into an ordered response.

He looked up at his friend, swallowing at the sudden emotion welling in his throat.

“I won’t lie, it’s been tough, but Jared has just been amazing. Anything I’ve needed, he’s been there to help me,” Jensen replied as he shifted awkwardly in his chair, “Now I just want to return the favor. He lost a little girl too.” Jensen sighed as he looked back down at his hands clenched tightly in his lap. “Nothing will replace her, she’ll always have a very special place in our hearts, but honestly Misha, I couldn’t be happier, “ he finished with a genuine smile at his friend.

Misha smiled kindly at him, his sadness at his friend’s pain clearly evident as he pushed himself up from his chair and camearound his desk to stand beside Jensen.

“Alright my friend,” Misha said as he clamped his hand on Jensen’s shoulder in support, “just remember that if you need someone to talk to, I’ll always be just a phone call away. You know that you and Jared are more than just my patients, you’re my friends too. I don’t want to see you suffering because you think you have to be happy for Jared. As you said, he lost a little girl too, and as excited as he is today, he would never want to hurt you in his excitement for this chance. So be kind to yourself and call me if you need to, okay? No one expects you to be a superhero,” his friend finished with a final squeeze to his shoulder.

“Thanks Misha, I really appreciate all the support you’ve given us over the years,” Jensen smiled as he pulled his friend into a tight embrace as the emotion of the day got the best of him and tears welled in his eyes, “paid and unpaid. You are a good friend.”

Jensen tightened his hug briefly before pulling away and wiping at his damp eyes, chuckling softly in embarrassment at his emotional outburst.

Misha put his hand back on Jensen’s shoulder, looking up at him with his intense blue eyes. “You’re sure you’re alright?”

Jensen nodded as he swallowed down the rest of his tears and smiled at his friend. “I’m positive. I’d better go met Jared before he thinks you’re telling me I have cancer or something.”

Misha looked at him with concern. “Yeah, you’d better hurry. God knows he’s going to be coming up with every horrible scenario he can think of until you reassure him,” he finished with an amused grin.“I’ll see you guys in a month. Take care, and not just of Jared, alright?” Misha frowned at him.

Jensen raised his hands in surrender as he backed away towards the door laughing. “Okay, I promise. Thanks Misha.” He smiled as he pushed his way through the door and headed off to find Jared before he had a search party out looking for him.

He found Jared sitting in the reception waiting area anxiously peering down the corridor. He couldn’t help the grin that creased his face as he saw Jared sag with relief back into the seat as he walked towards him without their doctor.

“Thank god, are you okay?” Jared gushed as he jumped up to embrace Jensen and pepper his face with kisses.

Laughter bubbled up from Jensen’s chest and he calmly stroked his lover’s back as he reassured him that he was perfectly fine, “I’m fine, Jare. Misha just wanted to make sure that I was doing all right with,” he stole a quick glance around the reception area, suddenly conscious of the number of people within ear shot, “...well with everything that’s been going on in our lives of late,” Jensen assured as he breathed in Jared’s comforting scent.

Jared pulled back from his embrace, completely oblivious to the fact that Samantha was grinning at their antics just three feet away at the reception desk and the other couples in the waiting room were watching them with badly hidden mirth.

Jared stared at him with suddenly tear filled eyes, sorrow etching hard lines into his still young face. “Are you okay with all this Jen? I know this has all been hard on you, with losing Bethany and now me being pregnant, with twins no less.”

Jensen smiled affectionately at him and leaned in to kiss Jared softly on his still murmuring lips.

“I promise, as I promised Misha, I’m fine. In fact, more than fine. We’re going to be Daddies again. Nothing can make that a bad thing, Jared, nothing.”

“But, are you sure? I know how much you wanted to have another one yourself. I just...” Jared rushed, his words getting cut off as Jensen pressed in further and deepened his kiss, halting Jared’s ability to talk anymore.

When they finally came up for air it was to the accompaniment of Samantha’s loud wolf whistles and Misha’s echoing laughter, while the waiting couples applauded their performance.

“Alright you two, go home. You’ll scare my patients into labor if you keep that up in here,” Misha laughed as he gently shepherded the two blushing men towards the surgery’s entry.


9 weeks / 5 weeks

Jensen yawned widely as he stepped through the front door, dropping his keys on the side table before flopping bodily onto his back on the couch, his forearm draping across his eyes as he relaxed back into the soft cushions.

He could feel himself drifting off to sleep as his tired muscles let go, one by one, from the frenzied activity that had been his last day on set for his latest movie. He was so glad that he’d bowed to Jared’s wisdom and conceded to take the year off with Jared so they could concentrate solely on having a family. He wouldn’t be the one carrying that family it seemed, but they’d wanted to cover all their bases, just in case. Anyway, this way Jensen could look after Jared better, and given how sick Jared had been feeling, Jensen figured this was for the best.

Thinking of Jared, Jensen went to move himself off the couch to find where his suffering husband was hiding out, but had to sit back down in a hurry when a wave of lightheadedness washed over him as he stood. He blinked owlishly as he tried to get his wavering vision back to normal.

‘Hmm...guess I didn’t eat enough today,’ he thought as he shook off the giddiness and rose slowly to his feet.

“Jared, you okay babe?” Jensen called as he started to make his way up stairs to the upper level of the house.

“Ugh, this sucks,” greeted him with a muffled groan as he poked his head around their bedroom door to see Jared curled up on the huge bed, his head hidden under his pillow and his hand rubbing circles into his cradled belly.

Jensen made his way over to the bed and sat down gently so as to not jostle the bed and disturb Jared in his obvious distress. He reached out his hand and slid it over Jared’s rubbing hand, adding his own to the soothing motion.

“Feeling sick again, hon?” Jensen asked with concern.

“Yeah, it’s really not too bad, but I just hate feeling nauseous,” Jared whined as he moved his head out from under his pillow to squint up at Jensen, his face pale and pinched with discomfort.

Jensen leaned down and gave a quick press of his lips to his forehead. “I’m sorry, babe, can I get you some of that chamomile tea that Misha recommend for you. I‘ll put a bit of ginger and honey in there, that might make you feel a little better, what do you say?”

Jared scrunched his face up in thought as he continued to rub at his belly. “I guess it couldn’t hurt.”

Jensen yawned and had to blink away the wave of fatigue that washed over him as he leaned in and kissed Jared gently on the lips.

“Whoa, I think I might make myself some toast. I think my blood sugars low,” Jensen confessed as he sat back up and raised a slightly shaking hand to brace his giddy head.

“Hey, you alright?” Jared asked as concern pinched his face further. He reached his free hand out to squeeze Jensen’s thigh in support.

Jensen blinked and rubbed a weary hand down his face, his hand scraping against his stubble covering his chin. He grimaced at the greasy feel to his face and sighed as he looked over to Jared’s concerned gaze. “Yeah, Jare, I’m fine, just tired and needing some food. I’ll be good as gold as soon as I get something to eat and grab a shower. Just the last couple of weeks of work catching up with me, I guess,” Jensen smiled as he ran his fingers through Jared’s sleep mussed hair. “Let me go get you that tea and some dry toast, and we’ll sit in bed together and watch a movie or something, yeah?”

Jared gave him a weak smile. “Okay, sounds good. Don’t be long,” Jared sighed as he rolled over onto his back with a grimace and placed both of his big palms over the tiny swell of his belly.

Jensen grinned at the sight and slowly pushed himself off the bed, only having to brace his leg against the bed for a second as the rise to vertical messed with his equilibrium a little.

“Be right back,” Jensen assured as he made his way to the kitchen, being careful to hold onto the railing as he navigated the stairs.

He hummed softly to himself as he gathered all the supplies together, his stomach growling loudly as the smell of warm toast filled the kitchen.

‘Man, I’m freakin’ starving. I really need to eat more often in future,’ Jensen mused as his stomach let out another rumbling growl while he quickly buttered himself some toast and got Jared’s organized onto a tray and got ready to trek back upstairs with his bounty.

“Here you go, babe. Try this and see if it helps settle your stomach,” Jensen encouraged as Jared accepted the laden tray and scooted himself back against the headboard. Jared smiled softly at him, patting at the bare space beside him with his free hand as he balanced the tray on his lap, the tiny swell of his belly pushing against the edge of the tray.

Jensen chuckled, “I wouldn’t get used to being able to balance that on your lap. I don’t think it will take too long before your lap starts to disappear.”

Jensen cursed at himself as Jared’s face fell and his hand immediately went to cover up his tiny belly.

“Is it that noticeable already?” Jared’s pale face creased with concern.

“No, baby, you can hardly even tell there is anything there yet, I promise,” Jensen soothed as he climbed onto the bed, pulling a forlorn Jared into the circle of his arms, his hand instantly dropping to cup the tiny swell of his belly.

“I can only tell ‘cause I know. I’m sure that no one else would have any idea that you are pregnant, or would have any reason to suspect,” Jensen assured his distressed husband as he pressed gentle kisses into the side of his face.

“Come on, have a little toast and tea and we’ll both have a nap. I think we’ve earned it,” Jensen encouraged as he lifted a piece of Jared’s dry toast to his frowning lover’s mouth to take a bite.

Once Jared had taken a bite, Jensen let him take hold of the toast himself and quickly started in on his own, his stomach growling loudly in the suddenly quiet room.

“Jeeze, babe, did you eat at all today?” Jared teased him as he blew over his steaming mug, his mood lightening with the focus shifting from his own woes.

Jensen huffed in mock affront, “yes, I ate today. It’s not my fault that every other actor on set couldn’t get their lines or block right so that we went hours over schedule. It sucked, really, all I wanted to do was get it done so I could get home to you.”

“Awww...really?” Jared cooed as he twisted around to look back at Jensen.

“Yeah, really. I want nothing more than to be able to spend time cuddled up in bed with you. No place I’d rather be,” Jensen smiled as he nuzzled into the crook of Jared’s neck.

“Mmmm, you are so getting laid when I don’t feel like I’m going to puke all over you,” Jared sighed as he wriggled down further into Jensen’s embrace and took a delicate sip from his soothing tea.

“No rush, baby, this is enough for me right now,” Jensen assured as he kissed the top of Jared’s sleep-mussed hair before reaching out to the tray and pulling a piece of his buttered toast into his mouth.

“You are so damn smooth. How is it you don’t just slide right on out of this bed?” Jared jeered as he took another sip of his tea.

Jensen grinned around his toast. “I learned from the best.”

“Damn right you did, now shut up and eat your toast before you topple out of the bed ‘cause your head’s swollen so much it over balances your smooth operator ass,” Jared teased as he grinned back over his shoulder.

Jensen chuckled softly as he leaned them both back on the headboard and gently pressed his palm over Jared’s hard little mound of a belly, not able to wipe the huge grin off his face at the thought that his children were nestled safely under his hand.

“Love you,” he whispered into Jared’s temple as he finished off the last of his toast and helped a sleepy Jared dispose of his half empty mug before sliding them down the bed a little until they were both comfortably snug in the nest of pillows and comforters.

“Love you too,” came to him in sleepy, half mumbled tones as Jared’s eyes fluttered shut against his chest.

Not able to fight off the lure of sleep any longer, Jensen relaxed back into the pillow, drifting off to sleep content in the knowledge that he was probably one of the luckiest men in the world.

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Feb. 11th, 2012 04:44 am (UTC)
Thanks BB!

It was such a long hard slog for this one! It's not at all as good as I wanted it to be, but it done and I am happy enough with it so that will have to do! :P

Now I've got to do my other ones! :P
Feb. 11th, 2012 05:58 am (UTC)
ALWAYS, honey!

*Kisses you*

Ahhh, I assure you it is awesome!! I'm almost done with it...

Go you!! I'm pulling for you sweetness!

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I really enjoyed this story. I haven't read a really good mpreg in quite a while. Can't wait to read more of your stories.
Feb. 13th, 2012 09:27 am (UTC)
Wow thanks for the lovely feedback.

I'm glad it worked for you. :D

Mpreg is my addiction so there will more mpreg fics from me in the future for sure. :)
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I finally, finally found some free time.

I loved it, I'm even happier it's not me. :)

Poor Jensen he can never have an easy time of it can he?
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